Female Writers

The Varnhagen Collection contains documents of different kinds from the eight women writers selected for the project. The material on each writer can be accessed via the items "Letters", "Works" and "Varia". The core collection consists of letters, letter copies and drafts. Many of these correspondences were exchanged between the authors, others are addressed to third parties. Letters in which the selected authors themselves were the addressees (so-called 'An-Briefe') are also part of the edition. Further components of the edition are manuscripts of works and drafts of works ('Werke') as well as additional materials ('Varia'), which can be found in the respective folders of the Varnhagen Collection, for example portraits, drawings, printed matter and more. Here, too, the edition invites its users to make cross-connections and interactions. The scope of the respective holdings and the distribution of document types vary considerably.